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Evolve – the Book

EvolveĀ  – Free Yourself From Your Inner Caveman

You could get better at decision-making. Or you could get better at understanding and persuading people. Or at problem-solving, or strategic thinking. Or you could do one thing that would make you better at all of these.

Cognitive psychology and behavioural economics hold the key. In the last few years we have learned how to use them to sell products, or nudge people to file their tax returns on time, or to persuade hotel guests to reuse their towels. But these recent discoveries offer much more. They can make us more effective in all aspects of our work.

It’s clear now that when it comes to assessing situations, taking decisions or dealing with risk our brains are still hard-wired to stone-aged standards. If you understand this and know what to do about this, the world looks completely different.

If you would like to take better decisions, see more confidently through through a confused and volatile world or stop being surprised by people’s responses to your plans and strategies, read this book.

The book lays out the five stone age thinking traps which still operate in all of our minds. It explains how to see when you are about to fall into one, and what to do instead.

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